D’var Torah: What and How?

What’s a D’var Torah? A d’var Torah (literally “a word of Torah”) is a personal interpretation of a Torah Portion. It’s often on the Parsha of the Week (Parshat Hashavua), but can be on any Parsha of one’s choice. It’s an honor to give and hear a d’var Torah. A d’var Torah provides new or deeper insights into a Parsha via the giver’s perspective.

How to write a D’var Torah? 

1) Don’t try to write about the gazillion and one things going in a Parsha or you’ll lose all cohesiveness, your mind and your audience! 

2) Focus your interpretation on one, two or three things that really jump out and speak to you.

3) Include some rabbinical commentaries for weight, zero in on your takeaway message and wrap it up.