“Psalms and Prayers For a New Day” (Sukkot / 5781)

“This Grateful Heart” is a lovely book brimming with a treasure trove of beautiful, soulful and inspirational prayers by Alden Solovy: To Bend Light Please click the links below to read two of my favorite prayers from his body of work. Rejoice and For Autumn © 2017 CCAR Press: Order This Grateful Heart. CCAR —The Central …

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The Simple Pleasures of Sukkot

The festival of Sukkot began at sundown on October 2nd and ends at sundown on October 9th. On Sukkot we shake the Lulav and Etrog in Six Directions (blessing all elements of the Earth) dine, relax, socialize or even sleep in a Sukkah — a temporary hut — signifying the transience of all things. https://youtu.be/RZ5t-t-AJ7E

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Yom Kippur: Breaking the Mold

In Kabbalah, Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is an internal world within us longing for healing, connection, purpose and repair. Within this internal world we engage in the process of purging all the toxins from our lives. Each Shofar blast we hear on Yom Kippur reflects the meaning of this Holy time of year. 1. …

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