My Sukkot Shirat Halev: Song of the Heart

The wind blows a little colder,
The leaves begin to change color,
We can sense the onset of Fall in our bones
Autumn will come with her cloudy skies
Her winding down time
Her hot cups of tea
Her time to release
In the Sukkah we can feel her cool breath 
Flowing through our doorless entryway
And the openings in our thatched ceiling
Where an entire year of limitations pass through

Raise your face to the sky
Plant your feet on the ground
Listen to the birds
Sit with the ashes of grief
Yield to the pangs of transformation
Feel the pain of stagnancy
Entertain the brazen rays of sunshine
Sneaking through the holes
In your imperfect roof

©️ 2020 The Wild Pomegranate / Abi / Rights Reserved
From My Poetry or Song of the Heart Series

10 thoughts on “My Sukkot Shirat Halev: Song of the Heart

  1. Phil Sutherland

    Very nice! We so often read about and dicuss the Festival of Booths, and the symbolism connected to those who wandered the desert. But, seldom do we personalize those feelings about what it means to us in the Sukkah. You have done an excellent job of that. I need to pay more attention to my own feelings both physical and mental and not just about the symbolism.

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  2. Shaina Nash

    Abi, this poem has beautiful imagery. I feel as if I am there. In my mind’s eye, see colors that are so beautiful that they don’t exist in this life. They are in a different realm. This is exactly what I need right now. I need poetry and beauty in order to sooth my wounded soul. Thank you for your generosity of spirit!

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    1. The Wild Pomegranate//Abi

      Thank you, Shaina!! Your comment warms my heart. I’m glad it evoked that imagery for you. Poetry is sooting for the soul. 🖖


    2. The Wild Pomegranate//Abi

      I tend to write “dark poetry” as I find it deeply cathartic. I don’t find it morose, but others might. I have to push myself not to go there.


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