The Ten Agreements

Ten Agreements I wrote based off “The Ten Commandments.”

1. No Other Gods Before Me: We agree not to allow the manmade gods of ego, greed, envy, arrogance and religious superiority to represent Divinity or diminish the Divinity of other beings.

2. Graven Images: We agree to free ourselves from deeply engraved beliefs that don’t resonate with our core values of equality, compassion, dignity and respect.

3. Taking the Name of God in Vain: We agree not to use the name of God or Divinity to harm others with human vanity and conceit. 

4. Keeping the Sabbath: We agree to set aside time each week to honor ourselves holistically and fulfill our spiritual needs.

5. Honor thy Mother and Father: We agree to honor all the things that sustain and nourish life — water, animals, people, trees, plants, the eco-system and Mother Earth.

6. Thou Shall Not Murder: We agree to remain aware that people can murdered spiritually and emotionally through mindless behavior, betrayal of trust or reckless speech. 

7. Adultery: We agree not to allow ourselves to be adulterated (tainted, contaminated and debased in value) by toxic influences from within or without. 

8. Stealing: We agree to be mindful of any actions that may rob another person of their self-worth, equal rights, moment to shine or time to speak.

9. False Witness: We agree to remain consciously aware of the damage caused by misleading, manipulative and duplicitous speech. 

10. Coveting: We agree to cultivate the realm that is unique to each of us and not covet that which does not belong to us and was not intended to be ours. 

©️ Sacred SoulSongs 2020 

10 thoughts on “The Ten Agreements

  1. miriameliana

    I like your spin on these…much harder to keep & strive to purely adhere to these thoughts. Well, that’s just it–looking at them this deeply does take a lot of thought. Pre-thought before acting or saying or judging.

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    1. The Wild Pomegranate (Abi)

      Thank you, Miriam! I am grateful for your thoughtful feedback, insights and reflections. Your presence with the essence of the words lifts my spirits.


  2. shaina

    The word agreement is a special action word. It is a bi lateral contract. I must agree to these principles in order for me to comply. It is a mutual contingency. They benefit me as well as, “you”. I do not want to abide by some draconian rules from 5000 years ago that I do not totally relate to. e.g.. An original commandment was, “Thou Shall Not Kidnap,” Did they mean, I shall not commit false imprisonment? This is not applicable to me. I am no longer paying attention. I am burned out on these archaic laws and I am sick of being ordered around.(commandments) However, I like the “agreements.” This makes me an active participant in my own spiritual growth ,which I am willing to commit to. Thank you , Abi, for this profound message.


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