HaMashiach (The Messiah)

Len, at Lensdailydiary, requested the Jewish perspective on the Messiah a while back, so this one’s for you Len! If you have a request for a topic from the Jewish perspective, please let me know in the comments.

HaMoshiach (The Messiah) in Judaism will be a great male leader (king) and direct descendant of King David. Moshiach or Mashiach (depending on your dialect) means “anointed one.”

He will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and gather Jews from all four corners of the world to return to the land of Israel.

All the world will acknowledge him as the world leader and accept his sovereignty. War, famine, envy, hatred, greed, and political enmity will cease and all hardship will come to an end, replaced by world peace and a good quality of life for all beings.

As it says in Isaiah 11:6, “The wolf shall lie with the lamb.”

All of humankind will accept monotheism and worship one GD. All the secrets of the Torah will be revealed.

The Mashiach will complete GD’s purpose for the world. Under his great leadership all of the humankind will self-correct.

In Judaism, we can hasten the coming of Mashiach through the performance of mitzvot. (Talmud).

The Talmud states the coming of the Mashiach will happen before the year 6000 on the Hebrew calendar. We are currently in the year 5780.

The Mashiach could be among us right now. In Jewish thought, there is a person who could (potentially) be the Mashiach in every generation.

According to the Talmud, a period of great chaos, suffering and turmoil will precede the coming of the Mashiach. The world will undergo an economic recession and world governments will be ruled by tyrants.

A massive war, called the war of Gog and Magog, will ensue before the Mashiach appears. The war of Gog and Magog will be an epic battle between good and evil, followed by everlasting peace. (Based on the prophecy of Ezekiel).

The war of Gog and Magog is referred to as “the birth pangs of the Messiah.”

The Christian bible refers to Gog and Magog as the war of the end times when evil forces will join with Satan. (Revelation 20:7-10 KJV).

The Quran also refers to Gog and Magog as Yājūj and Mājūj — two evil forces that will ravage the earth before the end of the world.

In Judaism, we are waiting for the first coming of the Messiah (Mashiach), whereas Christians await the second coming. I think the concepts of what will happen before and after are very similar. What do you think Christian friends? Weigh in!

©️ 2020 The Wild Pomegranate

One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”
“No”, answered Buddha.
“Then are you a healer?”
“No”, Buddha replied.
“Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.
“No, I am not a teacher.”
“Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.
“I am awake”, Buddha replied.

My Modern Midrash:

I had an epiphany that the Messiah (Mashiach) is within us and we are the key to saving our planet and peace on earth. What if we all stop waiting around for a Savior to save our tushies and just start believing in our Savior-Selves instead? I struggle with the concept that the Messiah is always a man. I don’t believe that. I think the Mashiach is in everyone, but it will probably be a woman who brings about this realization and sets the wheels in motion.

What if we stop waiting to be saved by a Messiah and empower ourselves? What if we are the answer? What if we are looking outside for that which lies within? What if we are what we seek?

Just my thoughts on the topic — they may or may not resonate with you. 💖

The real miracle is not
to walk either on
water or in thin air
but to walk on earth.

Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk

A Message from Spirit:

We are holding onto your slumbering Divinity.
We are keeping it safe for you.
When you awaken fully all shall be evident to you.
All shall be restored within you.
We await while you slumber.
Gently touching your shuttered eyes,
Opening them a little bit at a time,
So as not to shock you into wakefulness all at once.

The Wild Pomegranate/Abi

©️ 2020 The Wild Pomegranate

10 thoughts on “HaMashiach (The Messiah)

  1. Len will be thrilled with this, I’m sure.

    Gog and Magog are cited (borrowed) in Christian lore. It is a remarkable challenge to live as if the Messiah were with us now. Wouldn’t we be behaving at our best, so to speak, all the time? And we could be looking at what is Messianic in ourselves. Christianity relies on a living relationship with God. Opening ourselves to what might be like God within us might help in receiving God. Which might be curious Christian thinking but promising spiritual thinking.

    I’m drawn to how Messiah is understood in the Judaic way. I’m not totally in line with the male part, but everything (else) that Messiah is and does or will do sounds globally exciting and, frankly, relieving. Hmm, 220 years, huh?

    I should say this on the other page, but thank you for re-posting my post! That was kind of you and made my day. My days for a while.

    I hope you’re having a pleasant week.

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    1. The Wild Pomegranate (Abi)

      All the messiah stories are a bit too patriarchal for me. Why are all the messiahs male? I find the messiah concept somewhat disempowering. I think we’re too dependent on a supernatural savior, which is kind of a cop-out and lets humans off the hook. Just some thoughts I mull over in my head.

      My pleasure to repost — love your poems and your comments!

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  2. Thanks, Abi, for responding to my request in such detail. I enjoyed reading this and while I was reading, my mind was also going to Revelations, in the Christian Bible……and then you quoted a verse from it. In my twenties, I often thought of converting from Catholicism to Judaism, cut out the middle man and go straight to GD, was my reasoning. I could never come to grips with the divine nature of the Messiah. A lot of that was to do with the dogma taught in Catholicism, particularly the virgin birth. I was a little like ” doubting Thomas”. hard to believe something unless I can see it and touch it. Well, that was my misguided, misspent youth. I have come to believe that the Christian idea of Jesus as the Messiah is a master stroke of genius. People need a tangible example, to show them the way. Jesus and his teachings are the perfect role model to follow. It’s an aspiration to aspire to. It started out as such a simple message and like all things human has become institutionalized and distorted over time. Before the advent of the Messiah, GD was seen as impersonal and far away. The creator of heaven and earth, way beyond our understanding. By making GD take human form, GD became more personal and relatable. I think I’ve been rambling a little too much, so I’ll end there. Wish I could come back in another 220 years to see how things turn out. Thanks again, Abi for this post. I learned a lot and maybe am finally awake.

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    1. The Wild Pomegranate (Abi)

      I’m pleased that you enjoyed this and very appreciative of all your reflections, personal experiences and thoughts. I like your perspective on Jesus. I love your last line. Awake is a raw, emotional and challenging state of being.

      I perceive Mother Mary as a soothing, peaceful, nurturing Divine Feminine presence of her own accord, not attached to a male messiah. Similar to the Shekhinah in Judaism/Jewish mysticism.

      I too, wonder how it will all turn out. Blessings to you. 🦋

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    1. The Wild Pomegranate (Abi)

      Sad but not surprising, since all religions were ruled by a religious patriarchy. My friend from Central America said he was surprised when he came here because it was all about Jesus, whereas Mother Mary was the emphasis where he was from.


  3. miriameliana

    Seems to me from all my past teachings & thru the spiritual paths I’ve been led that the events in Revelation are teetering on the brink of happening always. If a number of my old teachers are correct, Jesus’ apostles thought they’d see his 2nd coming in their lifetimes. I’d certainly believe the end times are here today with the world’s turmoil. Back in 1988 someone wrote a short book “88 Reasons in 1988” that had 88 items that pointed to end times then specifically in that year. It frightened me terribly. The rapture didn’t happen ;). I would imagine that the horrors of WW2 may have had the victims thinking they were in the End Times. Probably every generation can’t imagine circumstances could get much worse. From your description at the beginning of your blog the Moshiach will usher in the complete opposite of what we have today, so it almost paints a picture of Shabbat. 6000 yrs is the 6 days & Shabbat is its own time with none of the worries of the rest of the week with only joy to be had. Looking forward to it.
    And coincidentally–Gut Shabbos (tonight)

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    1. The Wild Pomegranate (Abi)

      Great to see you here again, Miriam. You’re so right — the signs of the end times have been upon us for ages. Every era has been called the End Times era.

      These are the worst and most rapidly regressing times I have ever seen in my lifetime. I never imagined we’d be where we are now in 2020, on the brink of 2021.

      I love what you said about Shabbat — the time of the Mashiach does contain the peace and wholeness aspects of an endless Shabbat. Thank you for commenting and reflecting. Gut Shabbos/Shabbat Shalom to you! 🌻

      Liked by 1 person

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